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What's New?

July 2015

      Details of music, timings, etc, for participants in the Weatherbury Quire "Start the Week" concert at Sidmouth Folk Festival can be found HERE

      Painting of "Halifax Church Choir" (1796) added to WG Art Gallery; is it authentic? See HERE

June 2015

      Booking Form for the WGMA Autumn Weekend at Hoddesdon, Herts, now available HERE

January 2015

      Booking Forms for Three Quires' Day at Lewes and South-West Quires' Day near Taunton, available HERE

December 2014

      Booking Form for the WGMA Spring Weekend at Swanwick now available HERE

November 2014

      Report on Northern Three Quires' Day at Rivington Unitarian Chapel, near Bolton, Lancashire.

      Facsimle of 1708 edition of New Version of the Psalms with Music - more details with sample pages HERE

September 2014

      Booking Form for the Wessex Carols Day, Dorset now available HERE

June 2014

      Booking Form for the WGMA Autumn Weekend in Portland, Dorset now available HERE

February 2014

      Researchers - a list of people actively researching West Gallery music HERE

December 2013

      NEW CD - Echoes from the Gallery - Beaminster Gallery Quire; more details HERE

November 2013

      Advanced Notice of Research Meeting - see Calendar Page

      Advanced Notice of WGMA weekends in 2014 - in May and October

August 2013

      Details of FIRST Beckenham West Gallery Singing Day on Calendar Page - with Flyer and Booking form.

      Details and Booking form for the Wessex Carol Day in November can be found HERE.

July 2013

May 2013

      Reminiscences of an Oxfordshire Singer and cellist, ca.1870 HERE

February 2013

      Booking Form for WGMA Spring Weekend at Swanwick, Derbyshire HERE

June 2012

      NEW CD - Exalted be our Voice - West Gallery Music from the Heart of England; more details HERE

January 2012

      Reminiscences of Long Preston, Yorkshire, added to the literary references in the Resources section HERE - Thanks to David Welch.

September 2011

      Reminiscences of Ingleton, Yorkshire, added to the literary references in the Resources section HERE - Thanks to Paul Guppy.

March 2011

January 2011

      More 'Contemporary' literary references added to the Resources section HERE - Thanks to Francis Roads.

November 2010

      Makeover of site; new colour sheme; all pages now open in master page; improved navigation between Resource pages; Praise & Glory page moved HERE

January 2010

      A re-organisation of the site, chiefly renaming of files and folders - you may need to check your bookmarks. Please advise webmaster of any dead links.

      More literary references from American sources HERE

      A new page of contemporary paintings and engravings of West Gallery choirs, both singers and instrumentalists HERE

November 2009

      A host of references to WG music in early to mid-19th century Newspapers, kindly supplied by Fyn Titford-Mock.
    Find out what the papers say HERE

October 2009

October 2009

      Music for WGMA weekend at Kington, Herefordshire, October 2009, was posted.

September 2009

      Your Voices Raise - West Gallery favourites from the repertoire of London Gallery Quire. See details HERE

July 2009

      Never on Sunday - Marches, Dances, Song Tunes and Party Pieces. See details HERE

May 2009

      BOOK RE-ISSUED West Gallery Harmony - Carols & Celebrations Second Edition. See details HERE

January 2009

WGMA Members: Voting on the Constitution change

    204 votes cast (as at 29 Jan) = 46.9% of the membership.
    Nobody has voted against. We need 75% to carry ie ca.another 100
    Please send in your votes. There is no time limit.
    Lost the voting slip? Send any piece of paper with a vote for/against, name in capitals, and signature.

November 2008

      NEW DVD from Purbeck Village Quire - details HERE

      New literary quotes added to Resources Pages HERE

October 2008

      Music for WGMA weekend at London Colney, October 2008, made available.

May 2008

      Music for WGMA weekend at Ironbridge, May 2008, made available.

September 2007

      NEW CHOIR started in Bristol in September - see Bristol Harmony on Quires page for details.

June 2007

      NEW CD "Praise ye the Lord" from "London Gallery Quire" - click HERE for details.

March 2007

February 2007

      MP3 files added to Resources pages - from CDs by "Purbeck Village Quire" - click HERE for details.

December 2006

      NEW CD "Christmas in Purbeck" from "Purbeck Village Quire" - click HERE for details.

December 2006

November 2006

October 2006

September 2006

      Pictures added of Church Tours from various parts of the country. Go to Pictures page.

June 2006

April 2006

March 2006

February 2006

    Index to music files on this website added. Link HERE (also link from Resources page)

January 2006

    Booking form and details for May WGMA weekend at Bishops Cleeve, Gloucestershire added.

December 2005

November 2005

      MP3 files added to Resources pages - from CDs by Gladly Solemn Sound, Madding Crowd and Vital Spark.

October 2005

      New Articles added:

      Rules for Singers and Uriah Davenport and the Psalm Singers of Rushton, Staffordshire
      Image and music files added to article The Musicians of Rossendale
      Reports on a Trafalgar Day Concert in 2000 and Rollo Woods' 80th Birthday.

      Gallery of Pictures from the WGMA weekend meeting at Ironbridge including music files.

      New Articles added: Reports on Jane Austen Fayre and Mid-Shires Quires' Day

September 2005

A makeover of the site with some sections rearranged as follows:

      Details of the Association moved to a new 'About Us' page.

      Rules of the Association moved from 'Articles' page and linked to the 'About Us' page.

      Pictures collected together in a 'Picture Gallery' page.

      Choir details have been reduced to brief descriptions and contact details as an increasing number of choirs have their own websites - links are given where known.

      The WGMA discussion forum and the WGMA mailing list details have been moved to the 'Links' page

      The Index to West Gallery, the quarterly Newsletter has been updated to issue no.35 (Autumn 2005) and can be accessed from the 'Publications' page.

      Organisations page has been subsumed into the 'Links' Page.

      Village Carols now has its own domain name and can be found HERE

      Articles - New articles have been added - William Knapp and Rev David Everard Ford. More articles to follow.

      The resources pages from Tony Singleton's website have been included in this site under 'Resources'.
    These include books about the West Galley Period, anthologies of music, and recordings, as well a selection of literary references to the subject.

      The inclusion of this page which will be updated whenever significant change occurs.


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